Department of Education

Kelsey Inouye

DPhil Student

College Affiliation: Linacre College

Kelsey’s doctoral research is funded by a Clarendon Scholarship and focuses on how first-year PhD students develop academic identities through the process of scholarly writing.

She is interested in the interplay between individual histories and significant experiences, perceptions and use of feedback, evolution of research thinking, and the construction of voice in academic writing over time.

Prior to the DPhil, Kelsey worked as an Institutional Analyst in Honolulu, and attended law school at the University of Hawaii where she completed several judicial and legal externships and conducted research on language education policy, affirmative action, and higher education. Kelsey also holds an MSc in Higher Education from the University of Oxford, an MEd in Educational Psychology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and an a BA in English and Psychology from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Currently, Kelsey works part-time as a Research Associate at Lancaster University where she is involved in multiple projects related to researcher identity development that is funded by a three-year Erasmus+ grant.


Becoming A Scholar: Feedback, Writing, and the Doctoral Research Proposal

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