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Professor Simon Marginson

Professor of Higher Education

College Affiliation: Linacre College

Simon Marginson is Professor of Higher Education at the University of Oxford, Director of the ESRC/OFSRE Centre for Global Higher Education, and Editor-in-Chief of Higher Education.

He focuses on global and international aspects of higher education, higher education systems, and higher education and social inequality. He was the Clark Kerr Lecturer on Higher Education at the University of California in 2014. Simon is a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in the UK, Fellow of the Society for Research into Higher Education, and a member of Academia Europaea. He co-chaired the Higher Education Commission’s Inquiry into Education Exports. His most recent book, edited with Brendan Cantwell and Anna Smolentseva, is High Participation Systems of Higher Education (Oxford University Press, 2018).

Selected Publications


  • Marginson, S. (2016). The Dream is Over: The crisis of Clark Kerr’s California Idea of higher education. Berkeley: University of California Press.
  • Marginson, S. (2016). Higher Education and the Common Good. Melbourne: Melbourne University Publishing.
  • Tran, L. & Marginson, S. (eds.). (2018). Internationalisation of Vietnamese Higher Education. Dordrecht: Springer Nature.
  • Carnoy, M., Froumin, I., Leshukov, O. & Marginson, S. (eds.). (2018) Higher Education in Federal Countries. New Delhi: Sage.
  • Cantwell, B., Marginson, S. & Smolentseva, A. (eds.). (2018) High Participation Systems of Higher Education. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 
  • Marginson, S. (2016). High participation systems of higher education. The J. Higher Education, 87 (2), 243-270

Journal Papers

  • Marginson, S. (2016). The worldwide trend to high participation higher education: Dynamics of social stratification in inclusive systems. Higher Education, 72 (4), pp. 413-435.
  • Marginson, S. (2017). Higher education, economic inequality and social mobility: Implications for emerging East Asia. International J. Educational Development,
  • Marginson, S. (2017). The world-class multiversity: Global commonalities and national characteristics. Frontiers of Education in China, 12 (2), pp. 233-260.
  • Marginson, S. (2017). Limitations of human capital theory. Studies in Higher Education,
  • Marginson, S. (2017). Obschestvennye blaga, proizvodimye v vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniyakh Rossii [The public good created by higher educational institutions in Russia]. Вопросы образования [Educational Studies Moscow], 3, pp. 8-36. (2017)
  • Marginson, S. (2018). And the sky is grey: The ambivalent outcomes of the California Master Plan for Higher Education. Higher Education Quarterly, 72 (1), pp. 51-64
  • Marginson, S. (2018). Private/public in higher education: A synthesis of economic and political Studies in Higher Education, 43 (2), pp. 322-337
  • Marginson, S. (2018). Global trends in higher education financing: The United Kingdom. International J. Educational Development, 58, pp. 26-36
Doctoral Applications

  • Higher education
  • Globalisation and international education
  • Comparative higher education
  • Higher education in the Asia Pacific
  • Political philosophy of education

  • Subjects Taught

    Doctor of Philosophy

    MSc Education (Higher Education)


  • Featured Publications

    • Carnoy, M, Froumin, I, Leshukov, O, Marginson, S (2018) Higher Education in Federal Countries A Comparative Study. SAGE Publishing India.

  • Books

    • Carnoy, M, Froumin, I, Leshukov, O, Marginson, S (2018) Higher Education in Federal Countries A Comparative Study. SAGE Publishing India.

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