Our aim is to produce world-leading research and offer outstanding pedagogy, achieved through the quality and diversity of our community in order to develop a more just and fair society.

We place a high value on excellence and creativity, supporting independence of thought, and the freedom to challenge existing knowledge and beliefs through critical research and scholarly debate.

The values which underpin our activities and shape our culture, ultimately enabling us to achieve our strategic vision, are:


  • Academic and professional excellence.
    We aim to be the best in all we do, inspiring the confidence and ambition that enable our staff and students to reach their full potential. We are imaginative and resourceful, thriving in an environment that values independent thought and encourages originality and innovation amongst our staff and students, in order to help create a more just and fair society.


  • Integrity.
    We are committed to the highest standards. We strive for our personal and institutional conduct to be consistently open and honest, engendering trust between ourselves and within our University communities.


  • Belonging/Community.
    We aim to maintain an intellectually rich working environment that is equitable in order for all staff and students to flourish and thrive, and feel a sense of belonging. We are a collegial and sustainable community, committed to equity of opportunity, building understanding, respect, tolerance, and mutual support for each other as well as the environment in which we work.