New podcast series explores diverse world of health professions education and research

Wednesday, April 10, 2024


The Department has launched it’s first podcast series, “Conversations in Med Ed“, with host Dr Danica Sims, Senior Departmental Lecturer in Medical Education.

The “Conversations in Med Ed” podcast explores the diverse world of health professions education and research. Each episode dives into excellent research, recommendations for real world practice, and the people behind the research.

Dr Danica Sims said: “We are interested in hearing the personal stories of researchers and their varied journeys into the field. As they reflect on their challenges and successes, we hope that our listeners are encouraged and inspired. “Conversations in Med Ed” invites you to join this virtual community of practice, to continue your lifelong learning, and develop connections in the ever-evolving landscape of health professions education. Embark on this exciting journey with us!”

In the first episode, Danica plays the role of the guest as her colleague, Dr Liam Guilfoyle, asks her, “Why start a podcast?”. Listen to the first episode.