Department Nominating Organisation for Yidan Prize

Monday, December 19, 2016

Category: News

Mr Charles Chen, founder of Tencent, and Chinese philanthropist, launched the Yidan Prize in education in May 2016.

In launching the prize, Mr Chen recognises the transformative power of education for the good of humanity.  On 7th December, Mr Chen and colleagues met with the Vice Chancellor, Professor Louise Richardson, Professor Roger Goodman, Head of Social Sciences, and members of the Department of Education: Professor Jo-Anne Baird, Dr Niall Winters, Dr Therese Hopfenbeck, Dr Susan James Relly and Professor Charles Hulme.  At the meeting, Mr Chen honoured the Department of Education by recognising our research excellence and appointing us as a Nominating Organisation for the Yidan prize.  The prize is likely to have a large effect on shaping the field of education in the future.

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