Educação Matemática. Os números e as operações numéricas

Monday, August 23, 2010

Category: News

The book Educação Matemática. Os números e as operações numéricas (Mathematics Education. Numbers and operations) by T. Nunes, P. Bryant, Tânia Campos and Sandra Magina has just been included in the Brazilian Ministry of Education continued professional development programme.

It heads the list of 10 books to be sent to primary schools around the country. The book acknowledges funding from UK institutions (ESRC, British Academy, Royal Society, and the British Council) that funded the research carried out in the UK and the collaboration with Brazilian researchers. It also acknowledges the Brazilian institutions (CNPq, FAPESP) that supported parallel studies in Brazil. It was written for primary school teachers and contains examples of tasks that help teachers analyse their students’ mathematical reasoning and discusses ways in which reasoning can be promoted in different conceptual contexts in the mathematics classroom. The last book by T. Nunes included in this CPD programme, the Brazilian production of Street Mathematics, School Mathematics, sold 25,000 copies in the programme and is now in its 16th printing.