ELearning Students Judge University Award

Monday, August 23, 2010

Category: News

Steven Albury, Ariel Liu and Paul Grove will be the judges for the student category due to their research expertise in eLearning and as winners in the 2009 competition for “e-Kate” – an online a training programme designed to support the development of academic literature searching skills.

The OxTALENT annual awards recognise those who have made use of ICT to foster learning and academic practice at either undergraduate or postgraduate level.  Melissa Highton, Head of the Learning Technologies group commented, “The important thing about these awards is that they provide recognition and reward for individuals and groups working at the grassroots level to use technology to solve problems and enhance teaching in a very local way.”  For more information about the awards and details of how to apply please see http://www.ict.ox.ac.uk/oxford/groups/oxtalent/awards.html