2011 Oxford Education Society Annual Lecture

16th September 2011 : 14:00 - 18:00

Category: Oxford Education Society

Speaker: Professor Sir Tim Brighouse

Location: Department of Education

Was there ever a golden age? What really has happened to state education in the last fifty years and what will the present reforms, promoted by the coalition government, lead to? Is it ever possible to combine the ‘autonomy’ ‘choice’ and ‘diversity’ beloved by all politicians with the ‘equity’ and ‘equality’ at first espoused by the left and now accepted by the coalition? And what is the impact of ‘accountability’ through OFSTED and league tables on schools? What of the universities now and in the future?

About the speaker
Professor Sir Tim Brighouse has spent his entire career working in education. Most recently he has served as London Schools Commissioner, working to improve education in the Capital. Before that his career started in the classroom and has taken in the role or Professor of Education at Keele University, as well as Chief Education Officer in both Oxfordshire and Birmingham Local Authorities.

Download a transcript of the event here