A multi-layered, context-sensitive approach to exploring languages teachers’ professional learning

2nd June 2020 : 11:00 - 12:15

Category: Webinar

Speaker: Laura Molway, University of Oxford, Department of Education

Location: Online

Convener: Katharine Burn

Audience: Department Staff and Students

Seminar Abstract


In this presentation Laura will focus on the methods taken to investigate the learning needs and experiences of languages teachers employed in state secondary schools in England. The study was designed to enable an in-depth, subject-specific analysis of the interrelation of personal and contextual factors that can impact teacher learning, wellbeing and effectiveness. In particular, she was interested in the reciprocal influence of particular subject departments (n=14) on the knowledge, beliefs, attitudes and learning activities of individual languages teachers (n=57) within them. She will discuss the benefits and challenges of using multiple data sources, drawing together both teachers’ and pupils’ perspectives alongside attainment data to explore hypothesised associations between teacher teams who report engaging in ‘effective’ PL and pupils’ academic outcomes and experiences of learning.