College Now…or Later: Measuring the Effects of Dual Enrolment on College Access

9th November 2020 : 16:00 - 17:00

Category: Webinar

Research Group: Quantitative Methods Hub

Speaker: Dr Tolani Britton

Location: Zoom webinar, registration required

Convener: Ariel Lindorff

Convener: Steve Strand

Audience: Public

Research suggests that earning college credits in high school increases the likelihood of postsecondary progress and graduation. In this study, we measure the impact of dual enrollment in high school and college courses through the College Now (CN) program on college enrollment for students in New York City. We use a regression discontinuity design (RDD) that estimates the causal local average effect of the treatment — eligibility for dual enrollment in college classes while in high school — on college enrollment. We find that being eligible for CN leads to a 7% point increase in the likelihood of college enrollment and an 8.6% point increase in the likelihood of enrollment in a four-year college.