Employing person-centred analyses to identify profiles among students and teachers and links with important outcomes

21st January 2019 : 12:45 - 14:00

Category: Seminar

Research Group: Quantitative Methods Hub

Speaker: Rebecca J. Collie, Andrew J. Martin, Natasha Nassar, & Helena Granziera University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Location: Seminar Room D, Department of Education

Convener: Lars-Erik Malmberg

A part of the Quantitative Methods Hub Seminar Programme HT 2019

Person-centred analytic approaches provide a valuable method for examining the nuanced experiences of groups of similar individuals within a population. In academic contexts, they can be helpful for deepening understanding about students’ and teachers’ experiences at school, as well as the connections that these experiences have with salient outcomes. In this substantive-methodological talk, Dr Collie will discuss results from several recent studies that employed latent profile analysis among students and teachers. Various types of profiles will be considered ranging from behavioural to motivational profiles. In addition, links with important outcomes (e.g., subsequent academic achievement, occupational well-being) will be discussed, along with implications for research and practice.