Evidence-informed inspection? Research at Ofsted.

15th October 2018 : 17:00 - 18:00

Category: Public Seminar Seminar

Speaker: Professor Daniel Muijs (Head of research, Ofsted)

Location: Department of Education, Seminar Rooms G/H

Convener: Dr Ariel Lindorff

2018/19 Public Seminar Series Event

In this seminar Professor Daniel Muijs will look at the role of research in developing the work of Ofsted as ‘an intelligent inspectorate’, including looking at the way research is done as a co-construction between researchers and inspectors at Ofsted, and at the role of research and evaluation as part of organisational strategy. In particular, he will discuss how research is informing the development of the new Education Inspection Framework, presenting some of their ongoing research projects as examples of Ofsted’s approach.

Daniel Muijs is Head of Research at Ofsted, where he leads the research programme, and visiting professor at the University of Southampton. He is an acknowledged expert in the fields of Educational and Teacher Effectiveness and research methods and has published widely in these areas. He is co-editor of the journal ‘School Effectiveness and School Improvement’, and has held key advisory posts in a range of academic and professional organisations.