Global mapping of English as a medium of instruction in higher education: 2020 and beyond

16th November 2021 : 13:00 - 14:00

Category: Seminar

Research Group: Applied Linguistics

Speaker: Dr Kari Sahan (University of Oxford)

Location: Teams

Convener: Faidra Faitaki

Audience: Public


Abstract: English-medium instruction (EMI) refers the practice of offering academic subjects taught through English in countries where English is not the first language of the majority of the population. The growth of EMI in higher education (HE) has been well-documented, and the driving forces behind EMI are intertwined with goals related to the internationalization of HE. Although EMI as a phenomenon has grown exponentially in recent decades, little research has explored EMI across global regions, particularly in countries in the Global South. This study aimed to investigate the current situation with regards to the introduction and expansion of EMI in HE in 52 countries designated as recipients on the Official Development Assistance (ODA) list. In doing so, the study aimed to shed light on EMI provision in many countries which are relatively less resourced and under-researched. The study involved 3 stages of investigation: (1) a country-level analysis with data collected through open-ended questionnaires from informed respondents to investigate the introduction and expansion of EMI in the 52 ODA recipient countries; (2) a website analysis of purposively sampled universities to examine what information with regards to EMI programmes is available; and (3) a survey of key institutional players to explore additional information about EMI programmes offered worldwide. The data was analyzed to explore global and regional trends, and the findings offer insights into the admission requirements, professional development opportunities, international student enrolment, and driving forces behind EMI programs. Based on the findings, recommendations are offered for researchers and practitioners.

Bio: Kari Sahan is a researcher in the EMI Oxford Research Group and an Honorary Norham Fellow in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford. She completed her DPhil in 2020 from the Department of Education, University of Oxford. Her research focuses on language policy, teacher–student interaction and the use of the L1 in EMI classrooms. Her work has appeared in journals such as ELT Journal, International Journal of Applied Linguistics, System, and Journal of English for Academic Purposes.