Identities and Resilience in Times of Enhanced Nationalisms: Perspectives from Finland and the UK

25th October 2019 : 11:30 - 17:00

Category: Symposium

Speaker: Ann Phoenix, UCL Institute of Education; Essi Viding, University College, London; Quassim Cassam, Warwick University; Masooda Bano, University of Oxford; Arto Kallioniemi, University of Helsinki

Location: Department of Education, Seminar Rooms G/H

Convener: Liam Gearon

Convener: Arniika Kuusisto

A bilateral Finland-UK symposium on the role of education in addressing societal polarization funded by the Finnish Institute London, and part of the conveners’ Academy of Finland research grant ‘Growing up radical? The role of educational institutions in guiding young people’s worldview construction’

This symposium aims to offer some critical multi-disciplinary analyses of these geopolitical complexities by focusing on young people’s values and worldviews constructions. With particular regard, then, to impacts on the identity construction of children and youth residing in Europe, the symposium and the research team have specific interests in developing new multi-disciplinary framings of knowledge and understanding of: (1) how school and teacher education contributes to creating and or ameliorating those societal tensions that for some young people may lead to the development of extremist worldviews; (2) community contexts and their role in developing self-knowledge, identity, resilience and approaches to risk amongst young people; (3) critical conceptual interrogation of ‘extremism’, ‘radicalisation’, ‘resilience’, ‘identity’, ‘worldview’.

Numbers for this event are strictly limited, to ensure a place at the symposium advance booking and registration must be made to Liam Gearon at

A reception will follow from 17.30 at Harris Manchester College,  hosted by Professor Jane Shaw, Principal of Harris Manchester College and Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford

About the speakers

Professor Ann Phoenix is a Professor of Psychosocial Studies at UCL Institute of Education

Professor Essi Viding is a Professor of Development Psychopathology at the Faculty of Brain Sciences, University College London

Professor Quassim Cassam is a Professor of  Philosophy at the Department of Philosophy, Warwick University

Professor Masooda Bano is a Professor of Development Studies at the Department of International Development, University of Oxford

Professor Arto Kallioniemi  is a Professor of Religious Education at the University of Helsinki, and UNESCO Chair on Values, Dialogue and Human Rights

Additional Conveners

Dr Saija Benjamin, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

Dr Pia-Maria Niemi, Faculty of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki

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