Low-SES students in science education

11th May 2018 : 11:30 - 13:00

Category: Seminar

Research Group: Subject Pedagogy

Speaker: Dr Judith Hillier

Location: Seminar Room G

Convener: Professor Gabriel Stylianides

This talk will present key findings from a systematic and rigorous review of the research literature recently conducted to gather and evaluate the evidence for promising educational approaches which are likely to improve the attainment and progression of low-SES students in science education.

The evidence reviewed suggests that interventions designed to support the development of students’ scientific reasoning, their literacy skills and their metacognitive skills can have beneficial effects, provided certain conditions are met, and that technology may make a positive contribution. There is also evidence to show the benefits of interventions designed from a socio-cultural perspective, and these can be categorised as follows: 1. Bringing students into a science ‘place’ e.g. university laboratories or a science museum 2. Bringing scientists or extra-curricular science activities into schools 3. Developing teachers’ understanding of students’ perspectives The implications of these findings for teachers, teacher educators and policy makers will be discussed.