Looking for and applying for an internship at an international organisation – the UN

31st January 2019 : 12:45 - 14:00

Category: Seminar

Research Group: Qualitative Methods Hub

Speaker: Kamal Armanious (UNESCO and the Department of Education)

Location: Seminar Room A, Department of Education

Convener: Victoria Elliott

Are you looking for an opportunity within the UN system? And how can you find out the ones that are right for you?

More candidates want to get in, but much less know how. This is perhaps due to the complexity of the UN system and the ignorance of different opportunities offered by the system to get in. The UN system is made up of the UN itself and many affiliated programmes, funds, and specialized agencies, all with their own portals for advertising job openings and internships. There is not one exhaustive central portal, but several for different opportunities and a dispersed range of information.

Opportunities at the UN system are not limited to jobs and internships, various UN schemes have been introduced to help fresh graduates and young professionals to get in the system. These schemes, in some sense, represent different entry points to the system.

The session aims to shed lights on the UN system and its key UN portals where you can navigate and filter opportunities that are right for you. It also outlines main categories of existing opportunities within the system with a concrete example of UNESCO.

Why UNESCO? Unlike consulting firms or investment banks, the UN does not target students or young professionals on campus or through recruiting events. Hence, graduates and young professionals don’t get in touch with representatives of the UN system and thus don’t get exposure to the full breadth of opportunities that are out there. The session will be facilitated by Mr Kamal Armanious who has been working for UNESCO since 2013. Out of this 6-year working experience in the system, the facilitator aims to share technical advises on how to navigate, select and apply to the UN opportunities as well as to maximise your likelihood of being shortlisted and selected for them.

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