‘Why did policymakers in India and Mexico adopt the Germanic model of dual apprenticeships?’

16th June 2021 : 15:00 - 16:00

Category: Public Seminar

Speaker: Oscar Valiente

Location: Zoom - Registration required

Convener: Maia Chankseliani

Audience: Public


*Please note this seminar has a maximum capacity of 100 participants*

Oscar Valiente is Senior Lecturer in Educational Leadership & Policy at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. 

While most comparative education studies have focused on the historical processes that gave birth to the dual model in Germanic countries, our research aims to elucidate the drivers that explain why policymakers embrace the dual apprenticeship idea and how they re-contextualize it in their own educational context.

Drawing on a constructivist political economy framework, our study specifically investigates the reasons of policymakers in India and Mexico to adopt the dual model and how their different institutional conditions explain variations in the way the two countries have re-contextualized this global policy idea.

The selected cases are particularly interesting for the comparison because of the broad ambitions of their national reforms and the significant differences in the type of dual model of apprenticeships finally retained in the two countries.