Mastery approaches to Maths teaching

Monday, November 7, 2016

Category: News

A one year  RCT  evaluation of the Inspire maths mastery approach to teaching mathematics for primary age children has been conducted at the Department of Education in Oxford.

The research team (James Hall, Ariel Lindorff and Pam Sammons)  found significant positive effects on young children’s achievement  after two terms  use of the programme. The mixed methods evaluation involved an intervention and delayed treatment group,  observations of lessons and of professional development sessions, and interviews with teachers.  The evaluation was funded by Oxford University Press.

Hall, J., Lindorff, A. & Sammons, P. (2016) Evaluation of the Impact and Implementation of Inspire Maths in Year 1 Classrooms in England, Department of Education University of Oxford & OUP.

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