Alexa Muse is a DPhil student in the Education Department who is interested in the intersection of teachers and society.

With eleven years of middle, secondary, and university teaching experience both in the United States and abroad (Turkey and Russia), Alexa is interested in the intersection of equity-oriented education, policy, teacher agency, and subversive curricular techniques. Other interests of hers include Cultural Historical Activity Theory, Figured Worlds, and narratology. Her undergraduate degree (BS Middle/Secondary English Education) is from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA). Her Master’s degree (MSc Learning and Teaching) is from the University of Oxford; her Master’s dissertation has since been abridged and published in the English in Education journal.



Alexa Muse (2019): “Whilst I learn and live”: a comparative case study analysing the identity formation of seventh grade Turkish and International students via self-narratives in an English class, English in Education, DOI: 10.1080/04250494.2019.1621160