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Department of Education

Andrew Brown

Research Officer

Andrew is currently working on the Alex Timpson Attachment and Trauma Programme in Schools and will primarily be carrying out qualitative analysis of teacher interview data from schools who have had attachment and trauma training and a systematic review of recent literature.

Andrew has a background as a teacher and senior leader in a special school, and as a teacher trainer, particularly focused around inclusive education. Andrew’s area of research interest is around the influence of young people’s adoptive identity on educational experience and outcomes. Andrew’s research has included analysis of data from a range of sources including the Wales Adoption Cohort Study and Understanding Society, he is currently completing his doctoral thesis at Cardiff University.



Brown, A., Waters, C. S., & Shelton, K. H. (2017). A systematic review of the school performance and behavioural and emotional adjustments of children adopted from care. Adoption & Fostering, 41(4), 346-368.

Brown, A., Waters, C. S., & Shelton, K. H. (2019). The educational aspirations and psychological well-being of adopted young people in the UK. Adoption & Fostering, 43(1), 46-59.

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