Anil Kanjee is a Research Professor at the Tshwane University of Technology whose work focuses on addressing the challenge of equity and quality in education. He is the head of the Assessment and Learning Research Programme within the Faulty of Humanities, and coordinator of the Postgraduate Programme in the Department of Primary Education. He also serves as a Research Fellow at the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment, and at the Centre for International Teacher Education (Cape Peninsula University of Technology).

Currently he is supporting the Education Department and Teacher Unions to implement the national Assessment for Learning Pedagogical Strategy in South African schools. Previously, he was an Executive Director at the Human Sciences Research Council, where he headed the Centre for Education Quality Improvement. He has served as a technical advisor to education ministries in Africa and Asia, UNICEF, UNESCO, the United National Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, as well as to the Department of Basic Education, JET Education Services, UMALUSI and the National Educational Collaborative Trust

His areas of research focuses on:

  • Enhancing the use of classroom and large-scale assessments to improve learning for ALL.
  • Learner rights, learner voice and learning across schools in different poverty quintiles.
  • Developing models of teacher professional development to address equity gaps in schools.
  • Monitoring and evaluation of education systems, programmes and projects.
  • Application of Item response theory for enhancing the reporting of assessment results.