Dr Anne Geniets is a Research Fellow with the Learning and New Technologies Research Group

She is a medical doctor, developmental psychologist and communications & media scholar, with a research focus on health, social justice, training and technology in low- and middle-income countries.

Anne’s main research interest is in exploring the links between health, training, inequality and technology. Anne has carried out health care- and media-related research projects in the UK, Africa and South Asia.

From 2014 – 2016, Anne has been the research officer and post-doctoral researcher on the ESRC-DFID funded mCHW project, a learning intervention to train community health workers and their supervisors in the assessment of developmental milestones of children under five in two marginalised communities in Kenya.

She is leading the Go_Girl: Code+Create Project (with Niall Winters) and collaborates on a number mHealth training research projects.

Current doctoral students

Isobel Talks (co-supervised with Niall Winters)


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  • Book chapters
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  • Journal articles
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  • Reports
  • Conrads, J., Rasmussen, M., Winters, N., Geniets, A., & Langer, L. (2017). Digital education policies in Europe and beyond: Key design principles for more effective policies (C. Redecker, P. Kampylis, M. Bacigalupo, & Y. Punie, Eds.). Publications Office of the European Union.

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  • Funded Research Projects

    • Refugee Health Education Programme: Addressing the lack of health education for refugees during the Covid 19 pandemic (Co-PI, with N. Winters)
      April-December 2022
    • Onyx Project - Development of AI application & training module (PI) (with Niall Winters)
      Feb-Sept 2019
    • Evidence network on technology-enhanced community health worker training in LMICs (CI)
    • An evaluation of a serious mobile game to improve trainee nurses knowledge and skills in emergency neonatal care in Kenyan teaching hospitals (CI, with N. Winters, C. Paton, M. English & G. Irimu)
      Oct 2016 – Mar 2018
    • KCL - Oxford Symposium on Ethics of innovative technologies for improving health in low-income countries (CI) (with S. Venkatapuram & N. Winters)
      Oct – Nov 2016
    • go_girl: Code+Create (Co-PI) (with Niall Winters)
      2015 – 2019
    • “Hidden” Children and the Politics of Poverty: Addressing Child Abuse in the Context of Disability in Kenya (Co-PI with N. Winters)
      Sept 2015 - Sept 2016
    • The Global News Challenge
      Mar – Nov 2011
    • Trust in news media after the revolution: The case of Egypt (Co-PI) (with R. Piccard)