Joining the Department of Education in 2020 after teaching English and foreign languages in secondary schools and early years settings for 15 years, Catherine completed the MSc in Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition in 2021. Her doctoral research investigates the effectiveness of using songs as pedagogical tools with young second language learners in formal educational settings.

Catherine is a Doctoral Teaching Fellow on the MSc Applied Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition course, teaching statistical methods and critical reading/writing. She supports the LiFT project team as Knowledge Exchange Coordinator, creating the project website and stakeholder events to help increase the project’s impact. Additionally, Catherine hosts The Language Revolution podcast, exploring how linguistics and language awareness might inform/transform languages teaching with guests including Michael Rosen and David Crystal. She also chairs the annual conference for NALDIC, the national subject association for EAL, and is part of the department’s REAL research group.


Hamilton, C., Schulz, J., Chalmers, H., & Murphy, V.A. (under review). The effectiveness of using songs for teaching second or foreign languages to primary and secondary school learners: a systematic review.

Hamilton, C. & Murphy, V.A. (2023) Folk pedagogy? Investigating how and why UK early years and primary teachers use songs with young learners, Education 3-13. DOI: 10.1080/03004279.2023.2168132

Multilingual is Normal: An anthology of voices, talking about talking (2020)