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Department of Education

Georgia Hyde-Dryden

Research Officer

Georgia is a Research Officer in the Rees Centre. She is currently involved in a number of projects, including an evaluation of the Pupil Premium Plus Post-16 Programme, the Alex Timpson Attachment and Trauma in Schools Programme and the Rees Centre’s work to support care-experienced students at Oxford.

Georgia came to research from a legal background. She initially worked as a researcher in the Centre for Child and Family Research at Loughborough University, where she was involved in multiple research and evaluation projects including, a prospective longitudinal study of children identified in infancy as likely to suffer significant harm; evaluations for the Department for Education Children’s Social Care Innovation Programme; and research on return home from care. More recently, Georgia worked as a Development Researcher at the NSPCC, involved in the development of local services for children and families from concept through to scale up.

Her primary research interests are transitions from care (e.g. transitions from care into adulthood, returning home from care) and the role of education in supporting and providing opportunities for vulnerable children. Georgia’s PhD focused on care leavers’ experiences of higher education in England.


Journal articles

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