Ivan is currently serving as a Facilitator (Teaching) in the Vice-Chancellor’s Colloquium and as an Editor of the Graduate Inequality Review in the University of Oxford. He has taken up lecturerships in a number of universities in Hong Kong and has run Education, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, and Academic English courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Prior to joining Oxford, Ivan received his teacher-training in Hong Kong and his postgraduate training in Linguistics (with a specialisation in pragmatics) at University College London. His research interests include: mental representation of word meanings, language acquisition, educational technology, and ELT pedagogy.


  • Au, I. (2021). Unwinding the Fantasy: Using Breakout Rooms to Promote Language Exposure and Less-Public Feedback Practices in Online Synchronous Teaching. Paper presented at the PASHE 2021 – EAP Education and Practice: Supporting Students’ Needs, UCL (IOE).
  • Au, I. & Yiu, C. (2021). ‘Identity game’: so you think you are what your Instagram bio says about you. Paper presented at the Sociolinguistics Symposium 23, Hong Kong.
  • Au, I. (2021). The magic of breakout rooms in online synchronous teaching and learning of English. Paper presented at the 3rd International Conference on English Across the Curriculum, Hong Kong.
  • Choi, T. H., Chan, H., & Au, I. (2018). ‘Now you’re talking’: Teacher preparation through alumni talks in a community of practice. Paper presented at the Oxford Education Research Symposium.
  • Au, I. (2018). Branching out from the tree: Extending vocabulary acquisition with polysemy. Paper presented at HKBU-HU First Joint Symposium on Education 2018.



Elizabeth Wonnacott and Victoria Murphy