Jason currently works on the History PGCE programme and the MSc Teaching and Learning course.

He obtained his first degree in Cultural Studies from University of East London, followed by a MA in History Education from the Institute of Education. He completed a PGCE in Social Studies at Goldsmiths in 1992. He has worked in a variety of London Schools, including middle management and senior management roles. In 1999 he was awarded AST status with specialism in History Education and Inclusion, he combined this role with part time teaching at Kingston University. He joined the Department of Education in 2010 as a Teacher Education Research Fellow (TERF).


Book chapters
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  • Journal articles
  • Todd, J., & Hibbert, D. (2017). Professional learning through a focus on task design: responding to historical scholarship and students’ interests. REVISTA ELECTRONICA INTERUNIVERSITARIA DE FORMACION DEL PROFESORADO, 20(3), 15-31. https://doi.org/10.6018/reifop.20.3.290951
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