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Department of Education

Jessica Chan

Research Officer

The massive impacts teachers have on students, learning and in a broad sense, the future of our society have driven Jessica to research pedagogy, theories of learning and teacher professional development.

Her research interests and foci can be described as:

  • Vygotskian and post-Vygotskian concepts in human development
  • Pedagogy; educational assessment
  • Teacher education and professional development
  • Methodological issues in Cultural-historical theory
  • Learning in groups; classroom interaction
  • Conditions of effective teaching
  • Slightly crossing the boundary, Jessica is also keen on bringing the fruits of educational research to medicine, especially in medical education and inter-professional work in health services.


  • Book chapters

    • Edwards, A, Chan, J, Tan, D (2019) “Motive orientation and the exercise of agency: Responding to recurrent demands in practices”, In: A Edwards, M Fleer, L Bøttcher (eds.) Cultural-historical approaches to studying learning and development. Singapore: Springer.

  • Conference papers

    • CHAN, J, MOLWAY, L, MUTTON, T, WOORE, R (2020) “Learning and teaching Chinese as a foreign language: A systematic review”, American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco.

    • Chan, J, Tolo, A, HOPFENBECK, T (2018) A systematic review of teachers' implementation of technology-enhanced formative assessment: Insights and implications. (American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, New York)

    • CHAN, J (2016) The impacts of teachers’ professional identity on purposes and organization of group work. (American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC)

    • CHAN, J (2016) Discussing motives in actions: The potential of stimulated-recall interviews in facilitating CHAT research. (American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC)

  • Journal articles

    • Chan, J, Erduran, S (2022) “The impact of collaboration between science and religious education teachers on their understanding and views of argumentation”, Research in Science Education.

    • Chan, J, Fancourt, N, Guilfoyle, L (2020) “Argumentation in religious education in England: an analysis of locally agreed syllabuses”, British Journal of Religious Education. 1-14.

    • ERDURAN, S, GUILFOYLE, L, PARK, W, CHAN, J, FANCOURT, N (2019) “Argumentation and interdisciplinarity: Reflections from the Oxford Argumentation in Religion and Science Project”, Disciplinary and Interdisciplinary Science Education Research.

    • Li, KHC, Kui, C, Lee, EKM, Ho, CS, Sunny Hei, SH, Wu, W, Wong, WT, Voll, J, Li, G, Liu, T, Yan, B, Chan, J, Tse, G, Keenan, ID (2017) “The role of 3D printing in anatomy education and surgical training: A narrative review”, MedEdPublish. 6(2)

    • Lenkeit, J, Chan, J, Hopfenbeck, TN, BAIRD, J (2015) “A review of the representation of PIRLS related research in scientific journals”, Educational Research Review. 16 102-115.

  • Reports

    • McGrane, J, Chan, J, Boggs, J, Hopfenbeck, T (2017) The assessment and moderation of writing with primary-aged students in contexts where English is the primary language of instruction: A systematic review.. Oxford University Press.

    • Masterman, L, Chan, J (2015) Openness in Teaching and Learning: An Exploration of Principles and Practices at the University of Oxford. Oxford:

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