Jiayi Li is a doctoral student in the Department of Education. Her research interests encompass education policy implementation, teachers’ and students’ mobility, self-identity construction, subjectification and socialisation in the context of international higher education.

Jiayi also works as a research assistant with the Rees Centre on policy mapping and local authority data analytics projects in the UK (PI: Professor Leon Feinstein). The focus is on how to improve measurements in the existing Early Years Systems to understand and ensure children’s success.

Prior to her DPhil studies at Oxford, she holds a MSc degree in Comparative and International Education from University of Oxford and a BA degree (double major) with high honours in Educational Studies and Economics from Colgate University in the US.

Her current doctoral research employs a comparative case study to explore self-identity construction and socialisation of international students from ambiguous territories (Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau) in mainland Chinese universities.