Julie Chia-Yi Lin is a Doctoral student at the University of Oxford, funded by the Oxford-Taiwan Graduate Scholarship. Her research focus on Internationalization, Policy, Management and Institutional Strategy is rooted in her professional experience in publishing and higher education, as well as from her observations regarding the continuous change in global educational dynamics.

Julie completed her B.A. at National Taiwan University, and earned a joint M.A. from the University of Vienna and the University of Wroclaw. She was previously employed as an officer for the Office of International Affairs at National Taiwan University, and then as a Publisher at Emerald Publishing.

She focuses on the development of higher education, particularly in the processes of internationalization and globalization, and tries to deliver perspectives from different Institutional sectors, and a wide array of participants. She is mindful of the influence that culture has on the development and reception of these processes, and has a special interest in the East Asia region, and Confucian-influenced higher education systems. In her doctoral research, she investigates higher ed institutional strategy, and the relationship it has with real-world policy. This includes delving into the specific interpretation and implementation of official policy by different stakeholders within the institution- faculty, administration, and management.


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