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Department of Education

Katy Granville-Chapman

Doctoral Teaching Fellow

Katy is a Doctoral Teaching Fellow, and she teaches on the MSc Learning and Teaching course.

Her research focuses on leadership and flourishing in a range of contexts.

Besides teaching on the MLT, Katy has also taught on the Oxford Character Project’s Global Leadership Challenge and the Global Leadership Initiative, and on the Said Business School’s MBA ‘Leadership in Practice’ module.

Katy is also a Research Fellow at the Oxford Character Project and a Senior Fellow of the Human Flourishing Program’s Network at Harvard University.

Katy holds a DPhil (PhD) from the University of Oxford and was supervised by Dr Nigel Fancourt and Dr Ian Thompson. She asked ‘How could school leaders improve the flourishing of teaching staff’ and was a finalist in the Jablin Doctoral Dissertation competition (a partnership between the Jepson School of Leadership at the University of Richmond and the International Leadership Association).


Selected Publications:

Granville-Chapman, K. (2020) ‘How could school leaders improve the flourishing of teachers?’ In White, M. & McCallum, F. (Ed.s) Wellbeing and Resilience Education: Covid-19 And Its Impact on Education Systems. Routledge

Granville-Chapman, K. & Bidston, E. (2020) ‘Leader. Know, love and inspire your people’. Carmarthan: Crownhouse publishing

Bidston, E & Granville-Chapman, K. (2020) ‘Purpose and Leadership in Education and Beyond’. The Education Exchange. Available from:

Bidston, E & Granville-Chapman, K. (2020) ‘The Three Secrets of COVID-era Leadership’. Times Education Supplement. Available from:

Granville-Chapman, K. (2016) ‘Assessing the Impact of a Teacher Leadership Programme in a Teaching Schools Alliance. Journal of Teacher Action Research

Granville-Chapman, K. (2014) ‘The Afghan conflict: causes and consequences.’ Geography Review 28(1): 22-27

Granville-Chapman, K. (2013)’ What are the psychological factors that affect students’ academic resilience and can teachers influence these?’ Unpublished thesis

Granville-Chapman, K. (2012) ‘Unlocking Leadership Potential’, The Magazine of the Boarding School’s Association, 33: 42-45


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