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Department of Education

Kexin Yu

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: Kellogg College

Kexin is a Doctoral student in higher education at the Department of Education.

Kexin’s research interest lies in the global scientific system and the internationalisation of social sciences, with a special focus on international research collaborations and epistemic injustice.

Prior to her Doctoral study, Kexin obtained her M.Sc degree (Higher Education) with Distinction at the Department of Education, University of Oxford. In her master’s project, Kexin explored the patterns and dynamics in the China-UK collaborations in education research through bibliometric analysis and interviews. Under the supervision by Dr. Xin Xu, Kexin’s master study demonstrated the development trajectory, external and internal motivations, and the potential challenges in China-UK collaboration practices.

Kexin will further the master’s project in her doctoral studies under the supervision of Professor Simon Marginson and Professor Alis Oancea. She will investigate the internationalisation of social sciences in China and Europe through a comparative lens.


Patterns and Dynamics in the International Research Collaborations: A Case of China-UK Collaboration Ties in Education Studies

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