Kyla is a D.Phil. student and Doctoral Teaching Fellow in the Department of Education, teaching as a Science Curriculum Tutor on the PGCE programme. Her doctoral research focuses on science and mathematics teachers, their knowledge, and their teacher self-efficacy.

Kyla has worked as a Research Assistant on the OECD TALIS Video Study in the Oxford Department of Education and the Mindsets and Diversity in Undergraduate Mathematics project in the Oxford Mathematical Institute. In the 2020/21 academic year, Kyla is also the Chair of the Department of Education’s Joint Consultative Committee.

Outside the department, Kyla is a Junior Dean at Queen’s College and the Editorial Assistant for the Research in Mathematics Education journal. She is also on the board of the Canadian Association of Physicists Foundation.

Kyla holds a Master of Science in physics, a Bachelor of Education with a specialisation in classroom diversity, and a Bachelor of Science with double majors in physics and English. Before starting her Education, Kyla designed magnets for low-field MRI machines. Before that, she was a high school physics, mathematics, and English teacher at Canadian offshore schools in China and the United Arab Emirates.