Lingxuan Chen is a Clarendon Scholar and is currently studying for a DPhil in Education at the University of Oxford. Her thesis focuses on the endogenisation of China’s social science research and the underpinning power dynamics. Her doctoral research is fully funded by the Clarendon Fund Scholarship.

Lingxuan is a DPhil student in Department of Education, University of Oxford. She also works as a Research Assistant on the Centre for Global Higher Education ‘Research on Research’ project. She has a strong interest in China’s social science research, global epistemic justice, international relations and politics, and knowledge-power nexus.

Before her DPhil, Lingxuan was awarded with the MSc in Education (Research Design and Methodology) with Distinction from the University of Oxford. The title of her master thesis is: Toward endogenous research methodologies: A mixed methods study of China’s educational leadership research. The thesis explored emergent terrain of, and the power dynamics underpinning, endogenisation in China’s educational leadership research using content analysis and critical discourse analysis. She also holds a BA in Education at Beijing Normal University in China with first-class honour.



Alis Oancea and Xin Xu