Lulu is a departmental lecturer at the Department and a research associate at the Oxford Internet Institute and Sociology Department Oxford. She is a sociologist and her research spans technology, education, work and employment and organisations.

Lulu leads a project funded by the British Academy, which investigates how educational technology (EdTech) transforms education. Specifically, the project studies the role of EdTech firms ­– who can be seen as the architects behind the technology – in shaping education by considering the socio-political contexts they are embedded in.

She also works on the project DomesticAI at the Oxford Internet Institute. In this project she focuses on the transformation of paid and unpaid work in the age of AI and robotics. With her team she designed a cross-national harmonised factorial survey experiment.

During her doctoral studies, she researched on the labour market, skills formation systems and organisation studies with a country comparative focus.

Lulu teaches the MSc programme Digital and Social Change and supervises MSc students, focusing on technology and society.



Peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters:

Project working papers / policy briefs:

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