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Department of Education

Qingling Kong

Doctoral Student

College Affiliation: St Antony's College

Qingling is a DPhil student in Higher Education and a Kwok Scholar.

Qingling’s research examines the enabling and hindrance factors in enhancing the quality of higher technical education in Africa for youth upskilling and empowerment. Her research interests encompass higher technical skills training, work-based learning, university-industry collaboration, employability, and entrepreneurship.

As a part-time learner, Qingling is a full-time practitioner in international development advancing inclusive and equitable quality higher education, with focuses on quality assurance, internationalization of higher education, skills development and youth empowerment.

Holding a Master in Public Policy Degree from Oxford (Kwok Scholar) and an MSc in Development Management (Lee Scholar) from the London School of Economics and Political Science, Qingling has worked across developing contexts in Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America.


A qualitative investigation into the enabling and hindrance factors in enhancing higher technical education in Africa to boost employability with university-industry collaboration

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