Sally Tomlinson has been teaching, writing and researching for over thirty-five years in the areas  of race, ethnicity and education, special education and educational policy.

She has held Professorial Chairs at the Universities of Lancaster, Wales (Swansea) and Goldsmiths, London University, where she also served as a Pro-Warden. Her book from research funded by the Leverhulme Foundation on lower attainers was published in 2013. A selection of her work was published in “Race, Class and special education” in the Routledge World Education series in 2014,and her book “A Sociology of special and inclusive education” was published by Routledge in 2017. In April 2018 a symposium on her work was held at the American Educational Research Association annual conference in New York. In 2019 she  published with Danny Dorling “Rule Britannia: Brexit and the end of Empire” (Biteback publications). Her book “Education and Race from Empire to Brexit” was also published in 2019 (Policy Press)

She was a Trustee of the African Educational Trust for over twenty years, working in Somalia/Somaliland developing literacy and numeracy programmes and is now a Patron of the Trust. She served for eight years on the Governing Council of the University of Gloucestershire and four years on the South Worcestershire College of Further Education. She an Associate in the Sociology Department, University of Warwick.

Recent publications
  • (2019) Education and Race from Empire to Brexit. (Bristol. Policy Press)
  • (2019)with Danny Dorling “ Rule Britannia: Brexit and the end of Empire” (London. Biteback publications)
  • (2017) A Sociology of Special and Inclusive education: exploring the manufacture of Inability. (Abingdon Routledge)
  • (2014) “The politics of Race, class and special education: the selected works of Sally Tomlinson (Abingdon Routledge)
  • (2013) “Ignorant Yobs? Low attainers in a global knowledge economy” (Abingdon Routledge)
  • (2012) Ed with Tehmina Basit “ Social Inclusion and Higher Education” Bristol. (Policy Press)

A full list of her publications can be found at