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Department of Education

Sihan Zhou

Doctoral Student and Tutor in Applied Linguistics

College Affiliation: St Antony's College

Sihan is a DPhil candidate fully funded by the Swire Scholarship at Department of Education, where she investigates self-regulated listening of students in an EMI transnational university in China.

Before her DPhil, Sihan worked as KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) Associate at University of Edinburgh. Sihan was Educational Lead of the ’Tornado English’ project – a digital English platform for Chinese young learners, using bilingual animation and digital games for teaching. Sihan has also been awarded a Distinction by the University of Cambridge on an MPhil in Research in Second Language Education in 2016.

  • Zhou, S. & Rose, H. (Forthcoming). English Medium Instruction in Mainland China: National trends, and institutional developments In J. McKinley & N. Galloway (Eds). English-Medium Instruction Practices in Higher Education: International Perspectives. Bloomsbury.
  • Rose, H., McKinley, J., Xu, X., & Zhou, S. (2019). Investigating policy and implementation of English medium instruction in higher education institutions in China. British Council.
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  • Zhou, S. (2014). The effects of dramatisation on English literature comprehension. Journal of Overseas English, 17, 235-236.
  • Zhou, S. (2020). Learning to swim: Year one students’ self-regulated listening in an English-medium transnational university in China. Paper accepted at AAAL Annual Conference 2020.
  • Zhou, S. & Perrin, S. (2020). To sink or to swim: Self-regulated listening in English-medium-instruction (EMI) universities in China. Paper accepted at AILA World Congress, Groningen.
  • Zhou, S., Li., C., Galloway, N., & Rennie, R. (2018). Attitudes towards Digital Game-Based Learning of Chinese Primary School English Teachers. Paper presented at the International Conference of Innovation in Language Learning, Florence.
  • Zhou, S., Rennie. R., & Galloway, N. (2017). Digital game-mediated second language education: Viewing from teachers’ perspectives. Paper presented at International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, Barcelona.


Students’ self-regulated listening during a transition period in an English-medium-instruction (EMI) programme in Chinese higher education

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