Travis T. Fuchs is Researcher in Residence and Science Teacher at Crofton House School and an Honorary Norham Fellow at the University of Oxford. His current projects include teachers’ engagement in and with research as forms of professional development, teacher climate change education, expanding teacher recruitment pipelines, and instructional approaches which leverage socioscientific issues in science learning contexts.

Dr Fuchs is a recipient of numerous awards for his research in teacher professional development and science education, including the SSHRC Canada Graduate Scholarship, SSHRC Canada Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement, Killam Doctoral Scholarship, and Vancouver Poppy Fund. He is a recent recipient of the SSHRC Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Dr Fuchs earned undergraduate degrees in science (BSc Hons) and education (BEd) from McMaster and Western Universities, respectively. He completed graduate training at Harvard (EdM), Oxford (Recognized Student), and the University of British Columbia (PhD).


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Conference Proceedings

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