Xi has broad experience which equips her excellently for her studies. She has been a student in the USA as well as in China and the UK, and her subjects of study span international business to bilingual and multicultural education.

She has had a range of working experience in educational consulting and the English language teaching, and is an active member of the community, helping with many of activities in and out the universities.

In Xi’s Doctoral programme, she is conducting a research with the working title—China on the Road: an explanatory research on international higher education partnership under the framework of OBOR initiative. Her area of doctoral study, the impact of the ‘One Belt One Road’ (OBOR) initiative on higher education in China due to her background and home town, as well as her wish to support the development and quality of higher education in China’s western provinces. As a native of China’s most economically disadvantaged area in the Northwest, but one with huge potential under the OBOR initiative, she has a commitment to assisting the educational development in her home country. Her study has the potential to make a major contribution, not just in the academic sphere, but also will be of great benefit nationally and internationally, as China embarks on this new project to make a major world contribution and play a prominent role through the OBOR initiative.