Xiaona Wang is a DPhil student in Education, at St. Antony’s College, the University of Oxford. Xiaona’s doctoral research is fully funded by the University of Oxford (Clarendon Fund Scholarship and St. Antony’s College The Warden’s Scholarship). She is also a member at the Center for Global Higher Education.

Before her DPhil, Xiaona obtained her M.A degree in Higher Education at Graduate School of Education at Peking University, and B.A at the Faulty of Education from Beijing Normal University in China with first-class honour. She also studied at the University of Manchester as an exchange student in the School of Social Science.

Previously, Xiaona worked at Global Education Cluster in UNICEF, Geneva, where she began her research on the international scientific collaboration between China and Switzerland, and this experience later became the starting point of her master thesis. In her master’s thesis, Xiaona used a longitudinal research method in following a group of Chinese scientists who studied and worked in Switzerland. Through semi-structured interviews, she explored how collaborative relationships between individual scientists began and developed.

Xiaona has strong research interests in the science studies, internationalization and globalization of higher education. Her doctoral research is going to continue to explore the scientific knowledge networks between China and Switzerland under the influence of geopolitical factors.