Assessment and Psychometrics Research Fellowship

Principal Investigator: Professor Jo-Anne Baird; Research Fellow: Dr Joshua McGrane; Collaborators: Dr Lena Gray (AQA), Dennis Opposs (Ofqual), Dr Tina Isaacs (UCL).

Assessment practice and research is dominated by psychometric ways of thinking. We think psychometrics is valuable, but these techniques are not the only way to view assessment issues and can be unhelpful at times in delivering real education gains.

OUCEA has already published influential research in this area and has current projects in collaboration with leaders in the field. We plan to continue this line of work and to address issues at the root of psychometrics and assessment, raising the questions that others have identified or tackled.

A Research Fellow, Dr. Joshua McGrane, has been appointed to carry out a programme of work in this area, starting October 2016. The post is funded for five years by AQA.


Former team member: Kristine Gorgen