Future-oriented Science Education to enhance Responsibility and engagement in the society of Acceleration and uncertainty (FEDORA)


Project FEDORA is a new 3-year research project starting from September 2020 with a budget of € 1,065,138 (€ 220,498 for Oxford). The project is led by Professor Sibel Erduran and Dr Olga Ioannidou is the main Research Officer. The project research team includes Dr Liam Guilfoyle and Dr Alison Cullinane.  The project is part of a consortium of 6 institutions. The lead partner is University of Bologna, Italy, and the other collaborators are University of Helsinki, Finland; Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania; formicablu, Italy; and Teach the Future, Netherlands.

The project is guided by the urgency about educating the public with scientific and technological literacy. Science and technology development is running very fast as we are living in what the sociologist H. Rosa calls “the society of acceleration”. Within the society of acceleration, educational systems (school and, somehow, university) often remain static, linear and rigid and are not able to keep the pace of change. As a result, a serious gap of knowledge and skills has been emerging from what the traditional educational organizations are forming and what the society requires. “What knowledge, skills, attitudes and values will today’s students need to thrive in and shape their world? How can instructional systems develop these knowledge, skills, attitudes and values effectively?” are the main questions launched by OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030 which Project FEDORA will address. The Oxford team will contribute to project in various ways including through engagement with policy makers to compile recommendations towards a synthesis of effective innovations in science teaching and learning.

External Co-investigators

Professor Olivia Levrini, University of Bologna

Professor Sebastiano Moruzzi, University of Bologna

Dr Raminta Pučėtaitė, Kaunas University of Technology

Dr Rimantas Rauleckas, Kaunas University of Technology

Dr Brigita Janiūnaitė, Kaunas University of Technology

Dr Antti Laherto, University of Helsinki

Professor Jari Lavonen, University of Helsinki

Dr Elisabetta Tola, formicablu

Dr Marco Boscolo, formicablu

Dr Francesca Conti, formicablu

Ms Erica Bol, Teach the Future

Ms Els Dragt, Teach the Future


Former team member: Alison Cullinane