Intelligent support to improve health care training in the developing world

The main aim of this interdisciplinary project is to determine the feasibility for developing intelligent mobile training applications for health care practitioners in the developing world. To achieve this, the project brings together experts in technology-enhanced learning (Education), health care training (NDM) and artificial intelligence and machine learning (Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit, Oxford; UCL Knowledge Lab).

The very recent emergence of cloud-based AI services (from Microsoft, IBM, Google) and the promotion of Open AI algorithms now mean it is possible to attempt intelligent support for real-time interaction on internet-connected mobile devices. Until now, such an approach would only have been possible with desktop- and laptop computers, limiting application in the developing world.

This project will develop a proof-of-concept intelligent mobile training application. The outcome is to determine feasibility for developing a system suitable for piloting in Kenya with trainee health workers, funded through a full-scale bid to the GCRF under the health challenge (“Health: To tackle diseases, strengthen health systems and reach the worlds’ most vulnerable.”)