Observing, Recording & Reporting Student Engagement & Motivation in Mathematics (ORRSEMM) Project

Student engagement in mathematics in early secondary years can be fragile with dips noted in student interest, motivation and learning outcomes (Martin et al., 2012; Siemon, 2001; Sullivan et al., 2006). With mathematics not seen as a popular subject and low uptake beyond compulsory years, there is a need to consider the multifaceted nature of learning including motivational and emotional elements and how these operate separate to achievement.

Previous research by Skilling et al (2016) captured teacher beliefs about student engagement and motivation in mathematics and resulted in an Engagement Spectrum Framework. This project seeks to develop the framework, to create a teacher operational version aiming to: increase teacher knowledge about the holistic nature of student engagement and the ways different types and levels are likely to vary for students of different achievement. This will assist with informing teacher engagement beliefs and consideration of appropriate pedagogical approaches for teacher practices that promote engagement and dissuade disengagement. The project also aims to provide clear and accurate language for articulating and describing student engagement which is crucial for providing formative feedback to students, formal reporting at the school level and to parents/guardians.