Progress in International Reading Literacy (PIRLS) 2016 Assessment

The Progress in International Reading Literacy (PIRLS) assessment provides internationally comparative data about how well children from different countries read after four years of primary schooling. PIRLS also provides extensive information about home supports for literacy and school environments for teaching and learning.

Pearson Education, in collaboration with the Oxford University Centre for Educational Assessment, were chosen by the UK government’s Department for Education (DfE) to deliver the PIRLS 2016 assessment programme.

The team’s main responsibilities are to advise on the development of the assessment items and survey instruments, to carry out trials with 30 pupils in each of up to 30 primary schools, and to ultimately administer PIRLS 2016 data collection in up to 150 primary schools (30 pupils per school) during summer term 2016.

Research outputs include a report of the PIRLS 2016 findings to be disseminated throughout the education community.

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