The curriculum development by Training Managers (TMs) for WorldSkills Competitions and its translation into Further Education and Private Training Provider delivery in the UK

The level of skill required to participate in WorldSkills International (WSI) competitions sets a new benchmark for achievement in Vocational Education and Training. The international standards are regarded as the standard to which all FE should aspire (Messenger, 2014; Segal, 2016).

Team UK undergo a rigorous training programme and the TMs learn to turn the international standards into a curriculum that is relevant, high quality and stretching. Yet, we know very little about this process of vocational formation and even less about how the TMs transfer this experience into their teaching in their FE college or as a Private Training Provider (PTP). The overarching research question is:

  • How, if at all, does the curriculum development by Training Managers translate in FE and PTP delivery?

In order to answer this question, a number of operational research questions were developed:

  1. What knowledge and skill are developed by TMs during their WorldSkills experience?
  2. How, if at all, does this knowledge and skill coalesce with the knowledge and skill required for them to preform their role in their FE colleges or PTPs?
  3. What mechanisms are available for TMs to introduce and use their expertise developed from their WorldSkills experience in the FE colleges and PTPs?

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