Understanding the CREATE Framework in Studio Schools

Adopting a three-phased approach, this study aimed to understand the goals and deployment of CREATE, an employability skills framework unique to the Studio Schools network.

In Phase 1, the goals of the framework were understood through the perspectives of the architects of the Studio School model via interviews and key documents. In Phase 2 , a survey was deployed across all Studio Schools to identify the different levels to and ways in which Studio Schools engaged with the CREATE framework to develop young people’s employability and enterprise skills. From the data in Phase 2, five different schools were selected based on the way CREATE was implemented. Through semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders in each school, an understanding of the tensions and commonalities in the interpretation and use of CREATE has been identified. This analysis will be used to provide recommendations for best practices and will form the basis of Studio School practitioner resources, and CPD. It will also inform understandings of the model in the context of the ever- expanding and evolving wider policy debate, particularly that surrounding the identity of such schools.

Final report: Robson et al (2018). Employability Skills in Studio Schools. Investigating the use of the CREATE Framework_