Young-beginner learners: an intervention into reading and writing skills and strategies

This was an intervention study of reading comprehension among young-beginner learners of French as a foreign language (L2) in England.

A number of factors are currently contributing to low achievement in reading among this population of learners. Although research into reading strategies is extensive, and there is some evidence of success in reading strategy instruction, very few studies have focused on beginner readers and there are no examples of longitudinal interventions such as this one. A sample of 62, 11-12 year olds underwent a programme of reading strategy instruction lasting 14 months. Measures were taken of French reading comprehension, reading strategy use and attitudes towards French before and after the intervention and findings compared to a group of 54 students not receiving the intervention. Results suggest that strategy instruction improved comprehension of both simple and more elaborate texts, brought about changes in strategy use, and improved attitudes towards reading.

This study is published as:

Macaro, E. and Erler, L. (2008) Raising the achievement of young-beginner readers of French through strategy instruction. Applied Linguistics. 29/1, 90-119.

and also as:

Macaro, E. (2007) Do beginner learners of French have any writing strategies? Language Learning Journal. 35/1, 23-36.

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