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Educational Exclusion in Zimbabwe

Thomas is planning a mixed methods study looking at the factors influencing educational exclusion in Zimbabwe. Analysis of national datasets and population surveys will be complemented by school-level studies and qualitative research with excluded youth to provide a detailed and multi-level picture of exclusion in Zimbabwe.

After an undergraduate degree in Physics, Thomas retrained as a teacher and worked as a classroom teacher and in school leadership for 8 years, both in England and in Zambia. During this time, he also worked for an EdTech start-up looking to improve access to electricity through education. In 2020 Thomas stepped out of the classroom to study for an MSc in Comparative and International Education and since then he has worked as an associate lecturer at Goldsmith’s on their secondary science PGCE programme, as a research assistant and teaching assistant for the University of Oxford and as a freelance researcher. He is currently studying part-time towards a DPhil alongside work as a doctoral teaching fellow and as researcher, both in the department and freelance.

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Teachers’ metaphysical beliefs about truth

My research investigates teachers’ metaphysical beliefs about truth; a matter that has largely been neglected in previous research, which has tended to focus on epistemology. That is to say that, in addition to normative beliefs about the justificatory grounds for truth, teachers will also hold metatheoretic beliefs about the nature of truth in their relative subject disciplines. This research will cast light on the conceptualisations of subjects, and on the relationship between metaphysical beliefs and teachers’ self-perceptions regarding their professional responsibilities.

I have a philosophical background (BA Cantab) and have worked as a teacher of religious education. I have worked as a research assistant for a project, seed-funded by the John Fell Foundation, which investigated the forms of expertise drawn upon in the educational policy decision-making process of the COVID-19 pandemic. I have also worked as an assistant for a project funded by the Scottish Qualifications Authority, which developed and piloted a survey designed to measure stakeholders’ trust in examinations

Students’ effort source perception: a lens to examine perceived study effort and judgments of learning

My research mainly uses an experimental design to collect quantitative data through digital platforms. Participants will be asked to complete educational tasks on computers and rate their effort and judgments of learning throughout the process. The experiments are currently being carried out in China. The plan is to finish the experiments by the end of 2022 and start doing data analysis while stay in the field to see if extra data are needed.

Before joining in the DPhil programme in Oxford, I completed an undergraduate degree in Education Studies at UCL Institute of Education and a master’s degree in Educational Research at University of Cambridge. My master’s dissertation explored students’ perceived effectiveness and preference of different types of course assessment. It concluded that course assessments that are related to the skills required by future career in the designated discipline are considered more preferred and effective by students.

Louise is a part-time DPhil Education student whose research focuses on issues of fairness and comparability in international summative assessments. She has worked in international educational assessment for over 14 years, and currently works in Assessment Research & Design at the International Baccalaureate (IB).