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Evaluation of Bright Spots

This evaluation will explore how local authorities (LAs) have used the findings from the Bright Spots surveys to make changes to their policy and practice, in order to improve understanding of the lives of the children they look after.

Bright Spots is a survey of the subjective well-being of looked after children aged 4-18 years. It aims to give local authorities a better understanding of the needs of children they look after. More on the Bright Spots Programme. 

The evaluation will involve interviews with managers and social workers, and focus groups with looked after children, in 10 LAs in England. The findings will show what local authorities are doing that makes children’s lives better, so that other authorities can learn from these examples of good practice.  The findings will also highlight barriers to improving services.

The evaluation is being undertaken by the Rees Centre in collaboration with Coram Voice.

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